Who is
Carson Beck?

Carson grew up on the stage and in the radio booth. Now boasting a wide array of professional voice work with clients both big and small, Carson is one of the fastest growing voice talents in the industry.

He specializes in storytelling and character creation with an intuitive and passionate attention to detail. His voice has been described as robust, youthful, articulate, grounded, and even like a glass of bourbon by the fire.

Studio: AT4040, Soundelux U195, Shure SM7b, Avalon VT-737sp Pre-amp, Waves/iZotope plugins, Adobe Audition.


Classics, Romance, Non-Fiction, and everywhere in between. Engaging storytelling, well-rounded characterization, and tight production.

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Think rugged, experienced, and badass. The kind of gritty voice that belongs on anything from whiskey to the US Army.

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The next-gen of VO, every emerging tech startup needs the sleek, hip, relatable voice captured right here.

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Carson voices Ian in this new app, guiding you through a better work out every step of the way.

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Carson voices Varg, the steadfast and hardened Barbarian hero, alongside Ellen Dubin in this first look at the story of Troglobytes new game Tenebrae: Twilight of the Gods.

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This podcast, starring wrestling legend Jerry Lawler, is introduced and signed off by Carson's voice and production every week!

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"With quality delivery, attitude, and character understanding, Carson is a remarkable voice actor capable of giving you a great interpretation of a role. Always willing to do better, Carson is proven to be a great asset as a voice actor."

—Gage Allen, Director

"From his talent to his ability to manage a project and meet deadlines, Carson Beck is by far the best audiobook producer I've ever worked with."

—Elicia Hyder, Author

"Carson Beck is dedicated. It's just who he is, and it shines through his work. From eclectic characters, to engrossing audiobooks, he delivers when I need him most...A true professional by every definition of the phrase. Carson is the new industry standard."

—Casey James Dunn, Producer

"Carson has amazing natural instincts. He is, without a doubt, one of the best up-and-coming voice actors in Los Angeles. Book him now.”

—Morgan Gerhard, ADR Mixer


Got a project that needs a voice? Shoot Carson an email, or reach out on any social media. Professional production, fast turnaround.